Wednesday, 25 November 2020


 Kandinsky thought shapes and colurs by themselves were art. He felt that he could express feelings and music through colurs and shapes in his paintings. He thought the yellow sounded like a trumpet. and that some colurs together sounded like a piano.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Atheletics day recount

 On a sunny Friday morning the whole school did Athletics day. Athletics day is a day where you do fun activities the whole day with no learning. It's the best day at school except the last day of school or Carnival day or Film festival. The most fun game for me was the High Jump. It is really exciting and it was the first game we did at the start of athletics day. My first attempt was not good. It was kind of like a flop because I slipped and hit my back on the pole. It hurt really bad. The next try was good because I made the high jump. But it was hard because it was different to the other high jumps I did. It was way higher because it was the senior high jump. The overall champion in high jump in our class is Samuel he could jump over when the pole was 120cm high now thats impressive for a yr 4. It was really fun last friday and the most tiring day.