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Tuesday, 7 December 2021


 Marine Animals

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. Approximately how many different species of marine life are in New Zealand?

a) 17,000                                     b) Over 17,000

c) 19,000             d) 16,000

2.According to the article where are Hector’s dolphins found? 

a) All over New Zealand              b) At the top of the North Island

c) Only in the South Island         d) In the South Island with some in the North Island

3. How many New Zealand sea lions are there?

a) around 12,000 b) exactly 12,000

c) no one knows d) 12,000

4. Describe what the word endemic means:

→something found in a geographic area.

5. True or False: Hector’s dolphins have a distinctive rounded dorsal fin that looks like it has one of Daffy Ducks ears.

a) True b) False

6. What is the conservation status of the Hoiho or Yellow-eyed penguin?

a) Endangered             b) Extinct

c) Threatened-Nationally Endangered d) A few away from extinction

7. cWhat is  the conservation status “Threatened-Nationally Endangered”?

→it means the species is on the brink of extinction.

8. What can we do as New Zealanders to help protect and save these marine creatures from extinction?

→ no rubbish and clean the environment.

4 facts.


Wednesday, 1 December 2021



Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. Who is renowned as the greatest painters of the High Renaissance?

  1. Donatello                                  b) Raphael

      c) Michelangelo                                      d) Leonardo 

2. c 

a) Mona Lisa                       b) David

c) Madonna                     d) Gabriel

3. Who were Raphael’s earlier mentors for his craft?

a) Leonardo da Vinci     b) Pietro Perugino

c) Giovanni Santi     d) Magia di Battista 

4. Why is Giovanni Santi significant in Raphael’s life?


5. True or False:  Raphael had a pleasant childhood.  

a) True b) False

Explain your answer:


6.  Why would Raphael choose to be an apprentice of Pietro Perugino?

  1. Because Perugine was famous around the world for his work

  2. He had an important commission working on the Sistine Chapel 

  3. He had no one to select from.

  4. Leonardo & Michelangelo didn’t like him

7. With the artwork from Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael, what does Renaissance art include?

  1. Pointillism collage

b) comic art

c) human beauty, nature, religion deities

d) Painting, sculptures